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Second level
Third level
Fourth level
Fifth level
Uses drag and rop feature
drag coins from the left library
student uses only pennies nickels and dimes
use least amount of coins
Share info on books they have read
rotate during computer time
print reviews and bind in book
Review events in a story
Read part of the story
predict what would happen
read remainder of the story for conclusions
Create bulletin board with large version of activty
learn how to classify
Print poems for book or bulletin board
add images to poems
Kidspiration has a hyperlink feature
find good websites enter the address and provide a clue
come up with a question create links
Compare and constrast the planets
Drag and drop icons to predict weather for week
Use it for prediction high and low temp
Each student could complete one activity for a silly story as they rotate from one computer to another
Use the internet to cut and paste pictures into kidspiration
Trouble making class decisions
groups of students use one computer for consensus than come together to vote for a consensus