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Resources for Differentiating Instruction

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Learning Styles Inventories:


Learning Styles Test

Learning Style Survey

Teacher Survey

Differentiation Defined

Differentiated Instructional Strategies

Differentiation Instructional Tools

Differentiated Lesson Plan Template

12 Design Principles of Brain-based Learning

ASCD – Brain-Based Learning
ASCD – Differentiated Instruction

CAST: Differentiated Instruction

Concepts to the Classroom

Inquiry Learning Template from Ribit

Introduction to Learning Styles, Ohio State-

All Kinds of Minds
Misunderstood Minds  

Sample Learning Profiles 

Edutopia – Article “Students Who Know Their Own Minds”
Edutopia - Article Student Creators

Index of Learning Styles (university level)

Determine Your Learning Style 

Intel’s Thinking Tools

Layered Curriculum

Learning With Technology Profile Tool

LD Pride Online
Learning Styles 

The Question is the Answer

The Learning Classroom 

Differentiation @ Teachnology 

Scaffolding Strategies - Scaffolding for Success

Workshop Evaluation: 

OOPS is: Our Overnight Planning System

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