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EJournal Prompts
1. Right now, I am grateful for……
2. What have you done in the last week/month/year that  makes you feel proud?
3. I can help those in need by
4. What takes too long?
5. What costs too much?
6. What is just plain silly?
7. What if  life were controlled by a remote?
8. The worst advice I ever took was….
9. I will  never run out of......?
10. A day I would like to live over is...              {Why?}
EJournals are word processing files that hold the date, writing prompt, and student answer. EJournal files may be saved on disks, shared drives, or sent to the teacher's email for assessment and/or comment.

Integration Tip:
Students to demonstrate the elements of a play by taking digital pictures of scenes they stage. Pictures may be inserted into an imovie, flash presentation, video streaming, or PowerPoint presentation. {based on an idea from the Professional digest at Classroom Connect, Automatic digest processor LISTSERV@LISTSERV.CLASSROOM.COM}

Writing Tip:
Invite students to write 100 words a day, everyday for a month. Students may choose from a topic list that you and the class brainstorm together, or {if you are brave} they may write on a topic of their own choosing.

Class TIP: Set up an older model Computer Workstation as a LearningCenter just for SAT Preparation and Practice. Equip the Learning Center with a notepad, pens and a student name chart to record progress. Bookmark the following websites at your SAT Learning Center. Place them on a handout also or students to refer and take home.
SAT Prep
SAT Question of the Day:
Cool Word of the Day:
Educational Testing Services Network
Number 2, Inc. (Go to "Free Stuff" Link for sample
High School Hub:

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