Activity 1: Sometimes light is absorbed and reflected, as with the moon. We can see how much light the moon absorbed on your birthday.  Activity 1: Type your complete birthday (month, day, year) in a Neo file and use this website how much light the moon absorbed on your birthday to discover and record the fraction amount from the website investigation.

Activity 2: Light affects color. When you put more light in, the colors add. The more colors you put in, the closer you get to white, the mixture of all colors. With light, though it seems weird, red and green make yellow. The other two combinations are more intuitive: Red and blue make MAGENTA; blue and green make CYAN. Go to the Science Lab and apply what you know to form colors online. Be sure to answer the questions in your Neo file.

Activity 3: Light and funny mirrors. Why do people look so different in mirrors? Visit this website.  Answer the question in your Neo file.

Activity 4:  Light patterns are always changing. Read why and Make your own Kaleidoscope

An OOPS Integrated Classroom Activity.
Created January 16, 2006
Updated: January 25, 2006
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