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Titles and descriptions are listed below. To order, send an email to  or click here.  In your  email enter the book title you would like. We will pull the book and ship as soon as we receive your check or purchase order--(sorry no credit card payments are accepted at this time.) If you would like an order blank, choose the Word File or the Adobe pdf File.  If you would prefer, a 2-part order form may be snail mailed, per your email request.

Daily EJournal Prompts
To encourage daily writing & reflection among students in grades 6-12. EJournal Prompts are thought-starters for writing. I created these prompts for my classes and used them as a Warm-Up during the first 10 minutes of class, or as a quiet method to end class. Some prompts also serve as great group discussion questions.Especially helpful is the section of writing prompts for the last week of school.  Daily EJournal Prompts is available for $15.00 which includes tax, shipping, and handling.
Breaking the Ice Before a Meltdown
Students {and Teachers!} will discover dominant learning style preferences and tips on how to set up the classroom or study space to maximize learning retention. From Helen's  Breaking the Ice Before a Meltdown  New Teachers' Workshop for the Texas Education Agency, Breaking the Ice Before a Meltdown includes 25 student worksheets, description sheet, and instruction sheet. Cost: $10.00, shipping & handling, please add $2.00; Total $12.00
The OOPS Talent Tracker
A companion to Breaking the Ice Before a Meltdown Workshop, The OOPS Talent Tracker offers a student-friendly organizer to code a student's {or educator's!} main talent tendencies. Fun for an introductory unit into student strengths, a Fun Friday activity, or Staff Development Team Builder.
Packet includes 25 student worksheets, description sheet, and instruction sheet. Cost: $10.00, shipping & handling, please add $2.00; Total $12.00
NOTE: We are happy to visit your school district/classroom to administer both the Breaking the Ice Before a Meltdown and/or The OOPS Talent Tracker  in a Full or Half-Day Session.  Send an email to the address above for dates and availability.

The Whole Kit & Kaboodle
From Language Arts, to Science, Social Studies, Internet Projects, Critical Thinking, Multiple Intelligences, Web-Based Instruction, Thematic Curriculum, Learning Centers, and Independent Studies, The Whole Kit & Kaboodle contains the handouts and ideas from our most popular Internet integration sessions, plus additional activities and information from our ongoing Internet journies and adventures. Use The Whole Kit & Kaboodle to add "Net" worth to your classroom.    Cost: $30.00, shipping & handling, please add $5.00; Total $35.00

A+ Portfolios:
A+ Portfolios offers a complete curriculum for implementing online, digital portfolios.   A+ Portfolios contains lesson plans, handouts, quizzes, tips, resources, Internet bookmarks, and step-by-step instructions. A+ Portfolios incorporates the features of the "Dazzling Digital Portfolios" series created for Classroom Connect and presented in over 25 cities across the country. Cost: $20.00, shipping & handling, please add $4.00; Total $24.00

Enigmatic You
Encompassing a complete thematic curriculum approach, Enigmatic You includes lesson plans, activities, concept webbing, and handouts to use in the upper elementary through high school classrooms. Teachers from the core subject areas of Language Arts, Social Studies, as well as Business Education, Fine Arts, and Theater Arts have utilized the lessons in Enigmatic You for across-curricular resource.
Cost: $20.00, shipping & handling, please add $4.00; Total $24.00

"Lesson Plan Palette"
The original and first book in our series,  Lesson Plan Palette continues the "Warm-Up" philosophy advocated by educator Harry Wong. Lesson Plan Palette contains activities to use in the Block schedule classroom as well as traditional classtime settings.  Each activity follows one or more of Bloom's Taxonomy with little or no prior preparation by the educator but plenty of "thinking skill time" for students.
Cost: $15.00, shipping & handling, please add $3.00; Total $18.00

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