Outer Limits: Weight & Age

Lots of folks worry about their weight and count calories and try to reduce fat. But this is to reduce their weight as represented on Earth.

What do you think your weight would be on the other planets? Do you think it would be the same as on Earth?

List the planets in order. Then apply some simple calculations to find out what you would weight on other planets.

Below is the essential information you need to calculate your planetary weight. You can use a calculator, if needed.
Example: You weigh 120 "Earth" pounds, so the equation would read: 0.38*120 pounds=45.60 pounds on mercury.

Add your planetary weight to your planet list. Pretty Heavy, huh?

Next, imagine moving to one of these planets. Would such a move affect your age? You bet your lightyears it would!

Use the information given below to complete a simple exercise to discover what your actual new age would be on each planet.
For terrestrial planets (the one closest to the sun) follow the instructions below:

1.Figure your age in Earth Days

(your age * 365 )
2.Divide your Earth days age by the number of Earth days in a planet's year. The answer is your new age on that planet.
Essential data:

Mercury=88 Earth days
Venus=225 Earth days
Mars=687 Earth days

Jupiter=12 Earth years
Saturn=29.5 Earth years
Uranus=84 Earth years
Neptune=165 Earth years
Pluto=248 Earth years

Example for Mercury:age=20years old
7300/88(Earth days in Mercury's year)=83yrs The 20 year old person would be 83 years- old on Mercury.

Example for Jupiter:
20year old * 365 =7300 earth days old
12 Earth years * 365 Earth days/year=4380 Earth days in one Jupiter year.
The 20 year old person would be 1.7 years old on Jupiter.

Look out Ponce de Leon! J

Original Idea and Data Gathered by Kellie Nickels