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A virtual field trip is the next best thing to being there! Choose a destination below and click your trip into action.  Vacation Planner   So You're Planning A Trip Planner  
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Museums OnLine:
U.S. Museums MuseumSpot      Virtual Museum Virtualology
Boston ChildrenMus
Boston Science
Natural History Museum
S.F. Fine Arts Mus.
Tech Museum
Holocaust Museum
Getty Museum
Maine Maritime
Grace Museum
Boston Fine Art Mus
Dallas Museum of Art
Kid's Smithsonian
Hyclere Castle from Downton Abbey
Simple art museum search
by museum name, city or country
(also U.S. state & Canadian province)
Passports Session Sites
Circle of Stories    eMints Virtual Tours (enter "virtual tours" in the search box)
50 States   Mr Dowling  Backyard Paradise 
National Geographic         25 Awesome Virtual FieldTrips
Jet Stream            Mars   Solar System        Google Moon
DNA   Nuclear Reactor   Aristotle in Ancient Greece  
"P" is for Passport Book Guide         So You're Planning A Trip Guide
Travel Videos          Taking Learning Beyond Classroom Walls
Location Specific Sites                                                  
360 World Atlas
Agriculture Field Click on "Tours"
See "Native Word of the Day"                                               
American Memory                                                          
Antartica's Davis Station-
Live images of what's happening at the bottom of the world
Archaeology Digs On-Line
Arctic Theme Page 
Art Works
All the art museums in San Francisco
(Virtual) Aquarium 
At Home in the Heartland
History of Illinois from 1700 to the present
Atlantis Quest

Balboa Island, California
Barcelona, Casa Batlo
Barcelona, La Pedrera
Barcelona, Fundacio Museum
Boston's Freedom Trail
California Cedar Project
Pictorial Travel Diary Example
Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico
Castles on the Web
Central Park, New York City
Channel Islands Live
(nest cam)
Chasing Tornadoes
Chicago Field Museum
(Great) Chicago Fire
China, Beijing
Great Wall of China, 360 Degree View
Cliff Walk
(Example of Photo Essay Product or Multimedia Scrapbook)
Covered Bridge  
(Short, Quicktime Movie)
Crop Circles, Mazes
Denver Museum of Nature and Science
Denver Zoo
Desert Life
Eastport, Maine
(Example of a Virtual Postcard)
Ellis Island      Ellis Island WebQuest
(Did you know that early immigrants were given ice cream upon arrival to Ellis Island?)
England's Travel Cams (Note: Webcams may be blocked by your school filter)
Fall Leaves PhotoStory
Fish-Eye View
Florida's Devil's Den
Franklin Institute of Science Museum, Philadelphia
Galapagos Islands
German U-Boat
Glacier National Park 
Global Trek
Golden Gate Bridge

Great Wall of China, 360 Degree View
(Note: Webcams may be blocked by your school filter)
Himalayan Mountain Range   Example of a Travel Blog
Hollywood Hills Sign
The House of the Seven Gables
Houston's Aquarium
Huntington Beach
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Iroquoi Longhouse
Jet Propulsion Lab Virtual Field Trip

Kennebunk, Maine WebCam
Kid's Guide to the Smithsonian
Kids Dig Reed
Reed Farmstead Archaeological Site,West Virginia
Kokomo Opalescent Glass Co. 
Lighthouse in Action     Lighthouse Poem by Longfellow
,   Quicktime Movie  Point Reyes Lighthouse
Longwood Gardens

Milford Track, New Zealand
Monterey Bay Aquarium
Mount Vernon Tour  
Museum of Play
National Air & Space Museum
National Museum of African-American History & Culture
National Zoo
New England Aquarium
New York
The}Nine Planets
Nova Online
Old Sturbridge Village
Palaeolithic Wall Paintings of Lascaux
Pike's Peak
Plimoth Plantation
Post Cards From America
Queen Mary
Rainforest Walk
Roman Villa Rustica
Rome~Virtual Tourist
Sable Island, Shipwrecks and Wild Horses
San Diego Aquarium
San Diego's Balboa Park
San Diego Wild Animal Park
San Diego Zoo
San Juan Capistrano Mission
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Science Learning Network Online Science Exhibits
Scholastic Field Trips
Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
(New) Seven Wonders of the World
Ships of Travel
Sistine Chapel 
The Smithsonian Museum 
Sonora Desert
Hottest Desert in North America
South Carolina's River Venture
St. Louis Zoo
(Old) Sturbridge Village
Texas State History Museum
Titanic Guided Tour
TitanicVirtual Tour
Thanksgiving: Investigating the First Thanksgiving

University of California Museum of Paleontology, Berkeley
United States Landmarks
(Filamentality Hotlist)
United States Memorials & Monuments
United States Regions
Valley Forge
Vancouver, Harrision Hot Springs Sand Castles
Vanderbilt Museum
Viceregal, Mexico
White House 
Yellowstone National Park
Zoo Webcams       
(Note: Webcams may be blocked by your school filter)

Teaching Tips for Taking Field Trips:
1. Virtual Postcards: Instruct students to Copy and Paste Pictures and the URL's that go with them to a MS Word document. Students add text in "postcard" language (i.e. 'wish you were here', etc...) and send to you by printing, email, etc..
2.  Travel Log:  Have students record their impressions of their virtual trip in a Word document journal.
3.  Online Hide and Seek: Explain to students that important items from trip sites are "hiding" out on the Internet. Either give students the websites to "seek" the objects or (for older kids) instruct them to use the links above to "find" the object on their own.
4. Online Scrapbook: Invite students to create an online scrapbook collage of the images they find most interesting, or that describe a theme from a unit you are working on,  in either a Word file or PowerPoint presentation for class viewing.

OOPS is: Our Overnight Planning System
Email your great ideas for inclusion on this page!

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Last Update:  4/4/2012